Make your dreams reality. Set a goal now! Apply for your Doctoral Degree today.

A goal without a plan and date for its accomplishment is only a dream. "

~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Degrees available for the Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree Program:

The Open University International On-line makes available, to deserving individuals; Honorary Doctoral degrees. When an individual applies for the Doctoral Degree, an honorarium (donation to the university) must be made.
Please write or for information concerning this process. The funds collected from this program help to provide the necessary money to defray our operation costs and allows us to carry on our charitable and philanthropic work.

You may specify any one of the following honorary degree titles when you submit your application for consideration.

Please choose the title or designation which you feel best reflects your talents and proclivities. Alternatively, you may decide that a particular title would be most beneficial for your needs or that which you mean to accomplish.

The decision is yours. However if in doubt, please contact us via email or the contact box on the home page, and one of our staff will text, telephone or email in order to assist you.

  • D.Sc. Doctor of Science
  • D.H.L. Doctor of Humane Letters
  • D.Litt. Doctor of Literature
  • D.A. Doctor of Art or Administration
  • L.L.D. Doctor of Laws
  • D.D. Doctor of Divinity
  • Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
  • D.Hum. Doctor of Humanities
  • D.F.A. Doctor of Fine Arts
  • D.M. Doctor of Musics
If you would like a degree not listed here, or have some special needs
In this area please contact us at : and we will attempt to accommodate you.