Introduction-Statement of Purpose-Your cause to be Honored .

The Open University International On-line welcomes the opportunity to acknowledge, embrace and celebrate individual accomplishments - including yours. It is my sincere hope we may be of service to you.

As an educational organization we recognize that all people are part of a larger whole -- Humankind. As individual members of this "family" we all have unique qualities, experiences and knowledge to impart unto others. and its parent organization, Open University International-Online are founded upon the highest of human ideals and aspirations. Both have, as the basis of their guiding philosophies, a profound love and respect for life, freedom, availability of quality education, also the health and will being of our entire planet

United Nations Diplomats, U.S. Presidents, foreign dignitaries, scientists, artists, writers, teachers, administrators, clergy, pastors, priests other religious leaders, entertainers, and business people on numerous levels; have all proudly accepted honorary doctorate degrees from Open University International and other prestigious educational institutions world-wide. Most individuals would consider it an honor indeed to be included in such a group of distinguished individuals.

Many outstanding people or preeminent leaders in their fields never had the opportunity to pursue a traditional or formal education. The honorary doctoral degree (Doctor of Philosophy ~ Honoris Causa, or "Cause to be honored") is perhaps the finest and most useful method to recognize education and or accomplishments and to formally bestow upon the worthy individual the respect they deserve, by the conferral of the degree.

The Honorary degrees conferred by OUI possess a "potential for acknowledgment". They are legal, valid degrees of Honorary Distinction in every sense of the word. You may use your degree, and the accompanying prestige it will provide; in any way that you may decide. The Degrees and the concept or IDEAL that they impart and imply, are accepted and respected by institutions, companies and governmental agencies all over the world.

We believe that many of the recipients of the coveted Open University International On-line Honorary Doctorate ~ Ph.D. (Honoris Causa) are among the highest caliber, most intelligent, talented, best-educated and most effective individuals you will find anywhere. They, and the OUI Honorary degrees they possess, are equal to their counterparts from any College or University anywhere in the world.

Having your Doctorate and being able to put Dr. in front of or Ph.D. after your name; or simply referring to yourself as "Doctor" can be highly beneficial as well as serve to make you much more plausible; therefore putting you in a position of being able to impart your knowledge in the goal of serving yourself and helping others.

This then is our goal or purpose: to provide this unique service and make available all benefits pertaining to one who uses his/her title of Doctor.

In keeping with our high standards and philosophy of service, we have structured our organization in such a way as to provide the highest degree of function for our students. This function by necessity includes many very important aspects:

The extent to which this opportunity to gain a prestigious title and utilize it as others constantly do for their own benefit, makes it a valuable asset and is essential to the quality of the Honorary Doctoral Degree or in Latin: Honoris Causa program.
  • Self-promotion (the Doctoral Degree-title has the ability to help you achieve greater personal satisfaction and financial success.)
  • Efficacy (ability to acquire the degree)
  • Affordability (must be financially available to those who require it)
  • Personal Worth or Self Esteem (status, distinction, recognition, dignity, reputation, success, prosperity).

By being a conscientious, service oriented organization and consistently lowering our operating costs over the years; we have achieved a state of delicate balance that allows us to offer the lowest tuition and Honorarium prices of any comparable college or university in the world. If you cannot afford this opportunity financial aid may be available to you.

Many of our great institutions of higher learning exist to truly help the individual take the initial steps towards improving one’s own life and ultimately improving society. OUI is one such institution...predicated upon the principles of Goodwill and Service to humanity. An essential way in which we serve, is to recognize the accomplishments of deserving individuals in order that they may go on in their own ways to make a contribution to their communities, society and the planet.