Triumph and Thrive; or Taxes and Terrorism?

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‘Intellectual elitism’ or individuality and ‘creative self-promotion’?
September 3, 2016
Mr. Washington Goes to Mordor
March 30, 2017
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Don’t you hate it how the majority of ‘posts’ on the internet don’t have a date on them?  It’s set up intentionally that way.  That’s right: the whole game is rigged against you!   So called ever-changing, time critical content is specifically designed to be indexed by search-engine “spiders” ~ those ever vigilant robots which crawl the web seeking the “new”; more often; thus hopefully driving more traffic to one’s website; in theory thus ultimately generating greater profits.  ~yawn~

Money! Yes that’s the name of the game; but then you knew that didn’t you ?
Even the “News” sites are guilty of this at times.  How often have you read an article thinking it to be somehow relevant to your search only to discover that it’s four or maybe six years old?  Today’s internet-speed-of-light data information has a half life of about 45 seconds (By the way: all of my articles have the time and date No degree, out with you-GET a doctoral degree nowpreceding  them. At the moment here in Brussels it is: 05:43,  5, Sept. 2016 ~ It’s a late night for me: can’t sleep wondering about all of the disinformation, and equivocation existing on the “interweb”.  Or maybe it was that lousy frozen 3rd Burrito?) Remember that term? Originally used by the ‘Net-Hipsters’ (circa 1995-2001, but I also remember it being in the film: “V For Vendetta“) to ridicule the ‘Non-hip’ e.g.,  journalists, politicians, mom and pops who didn’t know the “in-vogue” jargon.
Throw objectivisim out the friggin window…this is the web; every moron can now have a venue; you don’t need to know anything, be erudite or educated; and don’t you forget it!
V_happy received my advanced degree from honorary-degree.comIt doesn’t take a wise individual, someone with a doctorate degree, or even a very perceptive individual to see what’s happening in the world today; politically, economically and socio-culturally.  How to protect yourself?  The politicians are hoping we will all be docile, gregarious sheep; follow orders and be led ‘to the slaughter’…if that’s indeed how they wish to spend you.  You and our life are interchangeable and but a cheap commodity to government.  Have no illusions: as long as you are disinterested and remain a conformist you are doomed to a life of servitude to the ruling elite (generally estimated at 1-5% of the population).
“What disturbs power elite theorists most, however, is the demise of the public as an independent force in civic affairs. Instead of initiating policy, or even controlling those who govern them, men and women in America have become passive spectators.” (check out the University of Delaware story here)
You need not be a spectator.  Yes, believe it or not, you too can take control of yourself, your life and the effects of the ‘milieu’ or surroundings (everything, physical-mental-emotional; and the effect they have upon you and your family)

In his book: “Long Walk to Freedom”, Nelson Mandela said:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Get the education you need-quickly!  Use it to generate more wealth to protect yourself and family in uncertain times.  Worldwide financial crisis is imminent.  It has been unfolding almost exponentially since 2008.  Get the advanced degree you need to get ahead in today’s ever-changing, dynamic yet: ‘dumbed-down’, “sheeple”* infested world.
*”Sheeple”:  Credit goes to ten-year-old Sasha Smith who coined the term: “why people become sheeple.”
It’s after 0600 here in Brussels.  I am up for the duration.  I now give praise to the ambrosia (originally defined as: “nectar of the gods”) but in my case copious quantities of ‘coffee’!

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