Acceptance of your Honorary Degree/Legal Authority .

This site: is the representative for the esteemed and unique Honorary Doctoral Degree program offered exclusively by the Open University International On-line.
OUI On-line operates as a private, non-traditional, distance learning and degree granting institution. Our students/graduates are among the highest caliber and most effective, talented individuals you will find anywhere on the planet.
These individuals, their body of work and their degrees, are equal to their counterparts anywhere in the world. The education, degree or honorary degree/title received from OUI On-line is among the finest available from any college or university. .

As the Open University International On-line is international in scope, our graduates may be found in any country, state, province or territory; functioning in a multitude of disciplines and numerous aspects of education, scientific research, human development, business, government, health care and the arts.

• In the spring of 2001 Open University International On-line, in conjunction with a Japanese legal firm, opened a campus (instructional center and administrative offices) in Tokyo. Later in 2004 we opened another branch (campus) in Shanghai, then Singapore, followed by a presence in Beijing China. Facilities now also exist in the US, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and the UAE. Originally home based in the EU our: “University without Walls” structure, visionary concepts and philosophy now spans the globe. Students, and honorary conferees may work/live anywhere in the world, and have their degrees accepted anywhere in the world

• Another unique and important feature provided by of our accrediting function which so many international students require is: free certification per The Hague Convention International Treaty (attestation-legalization) or Apostille with your program. We procure the documentation for you which gives your title-degree-diploma, imprimatur and official sanction to which ever country you specify.

In our foreign offices and non-domicile representation world-wide OUI has undergone the closest scrutiny by relevant officials. The result? After extensive work on policy advocation and local cooperation, OUI On-line is acknowledged to have: default, full, de facto approval by government sanctioned Ministries of Education in and around the world.

Open University International has had only the most positive comments from Honorary Doctoral Degree conferees and also Academic graduates who have sought and attained positions with their skills/knowledge and the degrees (titles) which act as a testament to that knowledge. World-wide: employers-industry-business-government and education are concerned with you and not a piece of paper...regardless of where it comes from. To date, our graduates have had nearly an unmatched record in job/position placement; due to the exceptional qualities they possess and the exceptional nature of their representative degrees.

The directors, officials, regents or representatives of OUI On-line are by location, charter and Hague-convention reciprocity, fully authorized to conduct our educational and charitable activities for the purposes of which our institution was founded. OUI awards its degrees after careful evaluation and/or appropriate instruction has taken place; as per authority of our directors, corporation by-laws jurisdictional requirements and age-old traditions.