Finally a chance for personal recognition, prestige and advancement.

An Honorary Doctoral Degree for accomplished adults, accepted and recognized internationally.

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Let us put you on the right road which leads to your
destination of success.

Ever wonder if you can receive your Doctoral Degree based entirely upon what you already know?


Yes, we the sponsors of 'Honorary Degree': Open University International On-line can absolutely accommodate you.
We are the only university Open-Minded enough and dedicated to equality, that has a specialized program to handle (one which is specifically dedicated to) conferring and awarding the degree and title:
Honorary Doctorate. Open University International

Our intention with this program is to level the “Playing Field”. Sure. It is easy to get an Honorary Doctorate if you are a: pre-eminent world leader, famous athlete, movie star or celebrity; but what do the rest of us do?

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Like the Eagle in flight, you too can soar to new heights, find new horizons; do anything you desire, and finally achieve your goals.

In the past this 'luxury' or academic service of “honorary doctorate degrees” was only offered by well-known traditional 'Ivy League' Colleges or Universities as a fund-raising tool. The prestigious Honorary Doctoral Degrees were only 'awarded' to those of whom were capable of building a new Football Stadium, or donating money to build a new Library or wing of the Medical School.

Additionally, the University could then offer an honorary degree in return for a celebrity giving for example: the commencement address; in this way many more people would attend the function and the university would enjoy higher status, more donations and subsequently enhanced enrollments.

We at Open University International On-line feel this is an elitist, draconian practice. We make this option available to everyone who fits our criteria; in other words: anyone who is qualified can receive honorary degrees from our institution. We hope you will join us and the many thousands of other graduates both domestically and internationally who have advanced their careers and bettered their lives with prestigious degrees from our University.

Please take a few moments to read about this unique process which may change your life. In the coming pages you may also see samples of honorary degrees. Also find out about the Honorary Doctoral Degrees conferred upon the “Rich and Famous”.